These questions will clear all your doubts about this game and make you take a positive decision about this fantastic game.

However, in this article we will primarily focus on blackjack being played with common rules in most casino establishments. The quality of blackjack games in Las Vegas has declined over the past 15-20 years. The dealer hits soft 17. Suncoast, The Orleans, Gold Coast, South Point and Silverton also spread this game. Lastly, as indicated on the basic blackjack strategy chart, if you are unable to double down due to the blackjack variation you are playing, you should hit except for 4 scenarios where its highly recommended to rather stand. El Cortez offers the best blackjack game in downtown Las Vegas.


I’ve used this for years for practice, and really appreciate that you’ve kept it up. Please be aware that you will need to place an additional wager on your blackjack hand if you wish to partake in any of the offered side bets. 0 Reply Sheila 5 months ago wish you would let us play on split aces like a casino does. That would be more useful than THIS version which puts all the high cards at the beginning of the shoe and stacks it to insure the dealer gets 2 face cards 25% of the time and blackjack another 10% of the time…… As a simulation, this is completely useless if you’re not going to generate the numbers randomly. The most vital rule which usually differs and has a huge effect on the basic blackjack strategy we are discussing here is whether you’ll have the ability to surrender and if the dealer is required to hit on hardsoft 17. Therefore, our basic strategy article won’t pay attention to these situations as they are considered to be part of a total-dependent blackjack strategy.

3). It’d also be helpful to have single-letter keyboard shortcuts for common actions. As with any casino game, the house will always have a slight edge, including blackjack being played with standard rules, but by using basic strategy in blackjack the house edge will be reduced significantly. had A3 to dealer 4 and it told me to double.. This terrible rule started paying players 6:5 on a blackjack, as opposed to 3:2. This means that a $10 blackjack would pay $12 instead of $15. Once the casinos got away with this at single deck games, the 6:5 rule started infecting double deck and shoe games. As you will notice, the differences between the number of decks used is rather small but you will agree that the less decks of playing cards are used, the better it will be for you.

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